Our Services

Embrace Boston is the only one-stop-shop for international companies seeking to establish a US presence in Boston. As a consortium of Boston’s leading services businesses, we are able to provide access to any and all professional services needed to enter the Boston market, as well as to help companies navigate the laws, rules, regulations and requirements around visas, taxes, real estate, talent recruitment, banking, finance, currency issues and a host of other issues that may arise with

multi-national operations.


Member Network

The foundation of our network begins with 5 core members and continues with our network of more than 50 trusted partners. Together, we provide international companies a one-stop-shop of resources needed to launch their US operations in the greater Boston area.

Core Members 


T3 Advisors provides real estate and workplace solutions for the world’s most innovative companies. 


Corporate investment management services and debt finance advisory. 

Entrepreneurial, innovative and client-centric firm providing accounting, tax and business advisory services.


Finance support and strategic consulting for life science companies.


Executive search, team expansions, and talent acquisition support services for the Innovation Economy.

50+ Trusted Partners

Services include:


  • Corporate Banking

  • Compliance and Legal Advisory 

  • Insurance

  • IT Service Management

  • Human Resources and Employee Benefits

  • Investment Banking

  • Telephony

  • IR/Public Relations

  • ...and more

How We Work

We follow a three step process to precisely target the expertise needed for each company’s unique requirements. During this process, we look at the company’s near-term operational needs, help to identify potential restrictions or issues, and review the likely requirements to setup operations in the Boston area. 


Getting Started

To learn more about our services and how we can help your company enter the Greater Boston and US market, please contact us.